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MTV premiers new video from Sacred Oath

MTV has the exclusive on the first video from the new Sacred Oath album April 10th.   “Counting Zeros,” also the first single from the self-titled new album, was handpicked by iTunes as their Discovery Download Pick Of The Week for April 7th, and the band quickly set upon creating a video for the song.  View it here.


“I couldn’t be happier,” said lead singer/guitarist Rob Thorne in a written statement released by the label Angel Thorne Music.  “Counting Zeros is my favorite track on the album for so many reasons, not least of which is the lyric content.  A few years ago we were uncovering the corruption underneath the war in Iraq.  Now we’re neck deep in AIG bonuses and Bernie Madoff.  ‘Counting Zeros’ is a call to arms.”


It seems fitting for a band whose loyal fans refer to themselves as ‘Oathbangers’ to pair up with Headbanger’s Blog for the video debut.  Sacred Oath released their first album in 1987 (A Crystal Vision) when Headbanger’s Ball was new and enjoying tremendous popularity.  “Our fans have always been the ‘oathbangers’,” says Thorne.  “Everyone was bangin’ something back then,” he says with a smile.


The new album from Sacred Oath cracked the Top 50 on the rock charts within the first three days of sales on iTunes. At the #46 position (and climbing), this is already the best-selling album ever for the band.  “Unbelievable,”  croaked Thorne from a 7:30 am wakeup call announcing the chart stats.  “This is our time.  Classic metal is back.  Hand me the damn flag, I’ll wave it with pride.”


The video can be viewed at on April 10th, the very same week that iTunes is featuring the song as their free Discovery Download (with an estimated 300,000 downloads).  The full album will also be available exclusively through iTunes at a discounted price of 5.99 for 5 weeks prior to album reaching store shelves on May 12th:




Metal radio will be serviced with the album the same week, with an ADD date of April 14th.    Program Directors and DJs can download the single for free from iTunes April 7-13 at the same link (above).

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Ultimate Guitar site offers lesson with Rob Thorne

Learn how to play the guitar solo in Counting Zeros direct from the source as Rob reveals the secrets behind the killer lead.  Visit Ultimate Guitar to watch the lesson video.

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Sacred Oath on Talking Metal

Sacred Oath is the featured artist on Talking Metal episode 256 .  Listen to what Rob has to say about the new album and the exclusive pre-release with iTunes.  The interview can also be downloaded as a podcast.

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iTunes launches exclusive album release April 7th

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Sacred Oath featured artist on KNAC, Metal Express Radio

KNAC staffer Charlie Steffens interviews Rob Thorne about the new album coming Tuesday April 7th, the video for Counting Zeros, and the bright future for Sacred Oath.  Read it here.

Metal Express Radio’s US correspondent got Rob on the phone for an in-depth interview on the band’s history and what all the excitement is about with the new album.  Listen here.

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iTunes announces Sacred Oath exclusive

The largest music retailer in the world has just announced an exclusive offer with the new studio album from Sacred Oath.  Mp3 giant iTunes has chosen the album’s first single “Counting Zeros” as their Discovery Download Pick Of The Week, with an estimated 300,000 free downloads.


The feature places Sacred Oath directly onto the rock homepage on Tuesday April 7th and gives their customers a chance to sample the new album absolutely free.  The free download lasts for one week.


But that’s not all.  iTunes will also begin selling the complete new album on April 7th – a full 5 weeks before the album is available anywhere else – at a discounted price of $5.99!  “It’s win win for everyone,” says lead singer Rob Thorne.  “At that price, we hope to attract many new fans checking us out for the first time, and the loyal Oathbangers can grab the new album a month earlier for the price of lunch!”


The iTunes/Sacred Oath album exclusive is international and will be offered in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, European Union, and Japan.  The free Discovery Download will only be available in North America.


Official release dates for the album outside of the iTunes exclusive have been set at May 12th in North America and May 22nd in Europe.

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Counting Zeros (STREAM)

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Rob to guest on Talking Metal podcast

Rob Thorne will be the featured guest on Talking Metal podcast Episode 256 on April 7th .

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