• Ravensong release date announced, track streaming NOW
    We just posted an audio stream of “Taken” – the first single from the forthcoming album “Ravensong”  and Angel Thorne Music has announced they will release our 7th studio album September. […]
  • New album “Ravensong” in the can
    10 brand new songs running over 52 minutes Oathbangers!  We’re talking about a release date sometime in September for this, our 7th (!), studio album.  Stay tuned.  But in the meantime we’ll be. […]
  • “A Crystal Revision” back in print!
    We’re happy to announce that A Crystal Revision is back in print after being unavailable since 2009.  This recording was made in 1998, a full ten years after the original A Crystal Vision was offic. […]
  • Spells and Incantations for Halloween taking pre-orders now
    Oathbangers!  Our debut with Universal is in stock and taking pre-orders NOW!  The release date has actually been moved a day earlier to October 27th – something about Taylor Swift not wanting to. […]
  • Band announces first offering with Universal
    Our first offering with Universal will be a gatefold double LP edition (vinyl) of “Spells and Incantations: the Best of Sacred Oath” on October 28th.  Yes, you heard right -  just in time for. […]
  • New distribution with Universal means what?
    Angel Thorne Music’s recent deal with ILS/Caroline/Universal has Oathbangers wondering “what exactly does this mean for Sacred Oath?”  The band has been with singer Rob Thorne’s vanity label. […]
  • Metalizer Records Issues Darkness Visible on Limited-edition Vinyl
    Oath fans have cause for celebration as Metalizer Records has released the band’s most critically acclaimed album Darkness Visible (2007) on limited edition colored and black vinyl.  This is the 3r. […]